Multiple Keyboards with Different Layouts

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I need to type in multiple languages, each having a different script. So, I have shortcuts set up to change the layout using setxkbmap.

# setxkbmap [ layout [ variant ] ]
setxkbmap us altgr-intl
setxkbmap am western

But, sometimes, every other word is in a different language, so it is very cumbersome to switch layouts back and forth for every word.

Turns out, it is possible to add a second keyboard, and assign a persistent layout to it. We simply need to apply setxkbmap on a specific device id.

my second keyboard - Armenian Phonetic layout

my second keyboard

First we need to get the device ID of the second keyboard, which we can do with xinput.

Sometimes, the same keyboard appears multiple times. I couldn’t find a better way, other than trial and error with every device id.

Now, we can set the global layout, and then set an alternative layout for the second keyboard.

# each keyboard gets a different layout
setxkbmap us altgr-intl
setxkbmap am western -device 17

Thankfully, the device id appears to persist through reboots, and stays the same.